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Our 3D videos bring Bible Stories to life with stunning CGI-3D animation. Free online. These CGI-3D animation, "real" stories from the Bible, plus Modern Day Parables bring God's story to people of all ages in a truly unique way. Come with us now as we explore the pages of Scripture. ( Read along with Closed Captioning!)

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"The Birth of a Prophet"

 "The Good Shepherd"

John "The Baptist," was a cousin of Jesus and was his herald. His mission was to call the Chosen People to repentance to prepare the way for the Lord's coming. Jimmy's animal friends learn a lesson about sacrificial love.

"The Birth of Jesus"


The Shepherds, The Wise Men and Herod all learn about Jesus. Most want to worship him, but one wants to kill him. Kit and Kevin learn a lesson about sharing and being thankful

"The Flight To Egypt"

"Coral Reef"

Joseph is warned in a dream to take his family to Egypt to escape Herod's wrath. A parable about Saul and his conversion to Christ.
Warning: This video contains the story of Herod's order to kill all the male children in Bethlehem, under the age of two. There is one graphic scene in the video depicting the killing.

"Jesus in the Temple"

"Laborers in the Field"

Joseph & Mary return to Jerusalem to look for their missing Jesus. They find him in the temple, talking with the Rabbis. A lesson about God's great generosity and being thankful.

"The Baptism of Jesus"

"Grafted In"

Jesus begins his mission by being baptized by John. Jimmy's animal friends learn a lesson about caring.

"The Temptation"

Satan challenges a weak and hungry Jesus to use his great power selfishly.



"Previews and Out-takes"



Penny and Percy

A Hoplite for future Battle Scenes


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